ACCEPT BLIND RAGE is Making Big Waves with Media Around the World

ACCEPT BLIND RAGE is Making Big Waves with Media Around the World

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The new ACCEPT Album Blind Rage is making big waves! Media all over the world have the same opinion….“Blind Rage“ is a musical diamond, the top candidate of metal album of the year, a milestone! Order your copy of Blind Rage.

Check the quotes.

“Metal-Anthems for all eternity”
ROCK HARD (GER), Holger Startmann

“BLIND RAGE – a musical diamond, made of the carbon ur-ACCEPT provided and sharpened by the compositional ingenuity of their resurrection – melodic force on the highest level.”
ROCK IT (GER), Hartl Gril

“BLIND RAGE – the name says it all: eleven times pure energy, eleven times powerful Riff-Metal – eleven times exactly what fans of ACCEPT want to hear.”
METAL HAMMER (GER), Matthias Mineur

“The best album with US-fronter Mark Tornillio – and an album that fulfils all hymns of praise to 100%: “An album that’s highly addictive!”, “The album of the year”, “A classic already!”, “A must-have for every True-Metal headbanger” How do they do that?”
ROCK IT! + PIRANHA (GER), Andreas Schoewe

“A timeless, classic master piece of Heavy Metal, that’ll last for many years. BLIND RAGE is a real candidate for ‘Metal-Album of the Year’.”
BREAKOUT (GER), Juergen Lugerth

“Next to the upcoming release from PRIEST the most wanted Metal-Opus of 2014, that not only delivers what was promised, but tries to beat its own standards set in the bands seconds spring – and it’s still going strong. Face to face with “Stalingrad” the Grand Masters of Teutonic-Steel deliver an even higher number of memorable refrains, without waiving any of their trademarks. I’d take any bet that we will hear a lot more of “Blind Rage” in the festival summers to come. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the next ‘200 years’.”
PLANET MUSIC (AT), Walter Scheurer

“The best guitar riffs unite the best vocal lines! It is already one of the best pure heavy metal albums of all time!”
ROADIE CREW (BRA), Claudio Vicentin

“After 35 years Accept still smash your balls to the wall.”
METALLIZED (DK), Stephen Rocky, 10 /10 points

“Third time is the charm! Accept fires on all cylinders with “Blind Rage”, the band’s most cohesive release in decades, and the stamp “most successful comeback in Metal” changes to “most reliable pioneers in Metal”. May Accept’s breed of Metal never die!”
SCREAM (NO), Frode Johnsrud

“Accept’s latest attack comes with red rage and rough, catchy riffs. Strong and balanced new album charges upon you like a bull.”
SUE (FIN), Jussi Lahtonen

“See the raging buffalo at the cover? Listen! Here it comes!”
METAL HAMMER (PL), Lukasz Wewior

“This is how Heavy Metal should sound nowadays. Recommended to all fans of metal!”

“Exceptional guitar playing, amazing vocals, pure musical talent ! »Blind Rage« recaptures the glory of the band! »

The third album since Mark Tornillo joined Accept sees the band uncork the strongest collection of songs since Blood Of The Nations.
BW&BK (CAN), Mark Gromen

“Best Accept concert I’ve seen in my life” ACCEPT Hits the Road Next Month, Get Your Tickets!

“Best Accept concert I’ve seen in my life” ACCEPT Hits the Road Next Month, Get Your Tickets!

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.21.23 PM

Check out what the ACCEPT fans are saying about the first shows of 2014! The band hits the road next month, starting with shows in California, Las Vegas and New York City. Have you got your tickets? Do not miss this tour!

Tom Jubb – Fantastic! Awesome! Epic! Glad to see heavy rock is still alive!

Jim Hauger – It was PERFECT… Their Heavy & Melodic RIFF HEAVY MONSTERS!!!!

Claudio Aguilera – Best Accept concert I’ve seen in my life. Both guitars sounding Amazing. Tornillo’s voice is Superb.

Mike McQuerter – It’s obvious you guys are not just going through the motions to earn a paycheck. The band sounds like a freight train crashing through a wall. The music is the tight and sounds dead on. I dare to say Accept is at a level it’s never been before and this is a good thing. Listening and watching Accept live really pumps you up and makes you feel alive. Well done guys.

Rolf Egil Bolle – Fucking classic:)

Mickey Nuttall – It was Refreshing to see fucking Real Musicians….

Vitor Rodrigues – Great show!!! Fantastic band!!! Starlight was fucking great! Old songs, new songs… simply perfect!!

Allan Cunliffe – ACCEPT were always, and are STILL the greatest !

Check out all the 2014 ACCEPT Tour Dates and Get Your Tickets!

Echoes and Dust – If you call yourself a heavy metal fan then you really don’t have any excuse at all for not listening to this.

Echoes and Dust – If you call yourself a heavy metal fan then you really don’t have any excuse at all for not listening to this.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.29.35 AM

Here’s an equation for you: what does AC/DC + Judas Priest equal? Well, in this instance it equals Accept who have always blended the no nonsense, gravelly throated hard rock of AC/DC with Wolf Hoffman’s ferocious Priest-like shredding ability to create melodically powerful heavy metal songs.

Built around the song writing nucleus of Hoffmann (guitars) and bassist Peter Baltes, Accept’s beginnings can be traced back to the late 1970’s. The German band played a pivotal role in the development of speed and thrash metal, which emerged in the early to mid-1980’s and along with the likes of Iron Maiden, Accept has delivered an undeniable impact on the global metal scene. The group has penned an innovative and pioneering body of work and some of the most influential metal albums of all time, including Restless and Wild (1982; which included ‘Fast as a Shark’, the first speed metal song ever put to tape, Balls to the Wall (1984; the iconic title track is still the group’s most well known song to date and has become a worldwide metal anthem) and Metal Heart (1985). The band’s two previous albums – Blood of the Nations (2010) and Stalingrad (2012) have charted internationally, topping both critic and fan polls in the process.

It’s fair to say that Accept were one of only a handful of metal bands which had the ability to make me feel genuinely sad when they disbanded in 1997. So, when they got back together in 2009 with Mark Tornillo on vocals, replacing the mighty metal midget Udo Dirkschneider, I was initially sceptical. However, the aforementioned Blood of the Nations was a cracking album and my initial worries of this being a Blaze Bayley or a Ripper Owens sort of situation turned out to be unfounded.

Blind Rage, the influential group’s 14th studio album, was produced by renowned audio engineer Andy Sneap (Megadeth BLAZE, Exodus, Testament Napalm Death and Opeth). Andy really understands what an Accept album should sound like and works hard to make it thunderous and mighty.

The first single from Blind Rage, ‘Stampede’, precedes the full-length album. Filmed on location in the high desert of California at the Devil’s Punchbowl (a rock formation that looks like it’s from another world) with director Greg Aronowitz (Batman & Robin, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, The Lost World: Jurassic Park), it just screams THIS IS THE HEAVY METAL, BUY ME!

Each track has something to offer: ‘Stampede’ blends in power metal, ‘Dying Breed’ is anthemic and has some nicely planned old-school riffs (see if you can hear the nod to a well known Motörhead song), ‘Dark Side of My Heart’ reminded me of the tracks from the classic Metal Heart, while the more considered ‘Fall of the Empire’ sees Wolf Hoffmann and Herman Frank add some surprisingly deep and relatively poignant solos. ‘Trail of Tears’ follows and this is a more upbeat track which blasts along nicely. ‘Wanna Be Free’ kicks off with an acoustic introduction before bludgeoning the listener into submission: I guess this is an Accept version of a ballad with its resonating bass and mid-tempo structure. ‘200 years’ and ‘Bloodbath Mastermind’ again sees a more power metal influences being woven into the fabric of the songs and the final couple of tracks, ‘From the Ashes We Rise’ and ‘Final Journey’ could have quite easily come from their masterpiece Balls to the Wall.

So in summary, Blind Rage lived up to my high expectations and is a damn good heavy metal album. If you call yourself a heavy metal fan then you really don’t have any excuse at all for not listening to this. It’s another strong release from a rejuvenated Accept. Existing fans should be pleased with what they hear and new fans should welcome the fact that they have been given the chance to enjoy one of the best metal bands ever, one more time.

Accept will release their new album Blind Rage on August 19 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Thank you Echoes and Dust.

ACCEPT Release Third BLIND RAGE Album Trailer Featuring Wolf Hoffmann

ACCEPT Release Third BLIND RAGE Album Trailer Featuring Wolf Hoffmann

Today ACCEPT release the third online trailer, featuring guitar player Wolf Hoffmann, talking about different topics of their forthcoming new album »Blind Rage«, which will be out on August 15th via Nuclear Blast.

Also available at the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel:

Heavy Metal pioneers ACCEPT just played in incredibly successful show at Wacken Open Air 2014 last week. In case you missed ACCEPT at the annual festival madness, their full show will be airing on the German TV stations 3Sat and ZDF Kultur at the following dates:

  • Saturday, August 09 at 20:15 CET on ZDF Kultur
  • Monday, August 11 at 03.00 CET on 3sat

All info on the show is available by clicking here.

Additionally the ACCEPT show is available as an on-demand video at ARTE.

To give you a first clue of what to expect from »Blind Rage«, ACCEPT released a first single called ‘Stampede’.

It is available as a limited vinyl edition.

You can order your copy here:

Or digital:

Watch the video clip.

Pre-order »Blind Rage« here:

Metal Storm – Blind Rage muscles its way to the top and delivers one monstrous blow after another.

Metal Storm – Blind Rage muscles its way to the top and delivers one monstrous blow after another.


Now that Accept have climbed back to the top of their game and swept up the spotlight with a pair of excellent albums, their challenge lies in maintaining their grasp on success. Despite song titles like “Dying Breed,” “Fall Of The Empire,” and “Final Journey,” Blind Rage does not spell the end to Accept‘s second wind; it is the next chapter.

While Blind Rage isn’t as dynamite as Blood Of The Nations, it does improve uponStalingrad, itself an excellent album. Of this new bevy of classics, Blind Rage most recalls Accept‘s (first) heyday with riffs and choruses reminiscent of Restless And Wild and Metal Heart material. After “Stampede” appropriately opens the album, bulldozing everything in its path, “Dying Breed” pays tribute to all of your favorite heavy metal pioneers and legends – a group to which Accept could truthfully be said to belong. The first few songs alone provide plenty of assurance that these Teutonic Terrors haven’t lost their touch.

Much of Blind Rage is wrapped in a somber sobriety, from mournful marches to emotional choruses, making this album one of the darkest and most serious inAccept‘s catalogue. Of course, no true Accept album would sacrifice the opportunity to shower its listeners in forceful, dominating riffs and the pure, unadulterated heavy metal attitude that makes Accept such a titan even after all these decades. These two aspects mix heartily throughout the album, making it not only dramatic and emotional but as hard-hitting and indefatigably heavy as ever.

Wolf Hoffmann could play trip baroque dubstep-core through a tin can and it would still be earth-shatteringly badass. His legendary metallic tone is the base from whichAccept grows, and his solos always bear the distinction of sounding necessary. His solos do not fill space, nor are they just vehicles for him to show off; they become truly part of the songs. With the dream team of Hoffmann, Peter Baltes, Herman Frank, Stefan Schwarzmann, and Mark Tornillo, all of whom sound as though they were made specifically to kick ass in this band, Accept cannot fail.

Accept is a great example of a band that doesn’t need to be fancy to succeed. “Trail Of Tears,” “Dark Side Of My Heart,” “From The Ashes We Rise,” and the whole rest of the album step up to the plate with nothing but loud riffs, louder shrieks, and a hell of a lot of attitude – and that’s all Accept requires.

Clearly, this new, re-vamped Accept has a lot more to say. Blind Rage testifies to their unflagging strength and solidity. From the first notes of “Stampede” to the last ones of “Final Journey,” Blind Rage muscles its way to the top and delivers one monstrous blow after another.