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Accept is a German Heavy Metal band with legendary impact and an iconic reputation spanning over four decades.

Towering guitar riffs, intense vocals, provocative themes, a soaring blend of unique melodic and rhythmic components, interwoven with classical themes.... Accept have a distinct sound identity and continue to refine their craft, producing chart topping Albums to this day.
Recognized as pillars and key pioneers of the Heavy Metal Genre, they are acknowledged in the creation and development of speed, thrash and other Metal subgenres.

Metal Icons

Formed in Solingen in the late 1970’s, the band quickly rose to prominence with their dynamic sound of unequivocally Teutonic Metal.
This first stable line up of the band in the early 80’s included Udo Dirkschneider on vocals, Wolf Hoffmann as Lead Guitarist, Peter Baltes on Bass, Stefan Kaufman on drums and Jörg Fischer on guitar. 
Although their debut album ‘Accept’ was released in 1979, the band achieved mainstream worldwide success with their following Albums, ‘I’m a Rebel’, ‘Breaker’, ‘Restless and Wild’ and ‘Balls to the Wall’, the latter certified as a Gold record in the United States and Canada.

End of the 70s

Their seminal and heavily influential Album Metal Heart was released in 1985. Produced by Dieter Dierks; it’s knowledged as representing the band's creative peak in these early years.
Accept toured the world with the album, and documented the live shows with the live record Kaizoku-Ban.
1986 saw the release of Russian Roulette, while Eat the Heat ( with singer David Reece), Objection Overruled, Death Row and Predator were recorded and released during the following years with much critical acclaim and Accept decided to have a hiatus from their joint activities,
with all the band members continuing their own projects.

Gold Status

It wasn't until 2009, when singer Mark Tornillo joined Accept that the band re-grouped and emerged once again, flourishing into the global success it is today.

Accept, with Mark as singer, made their live debut on 8 May 2010 at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City, and a new album titled ‘Blood of the Nations’ was written and recorded with Andy Sneap as roducer. 
On 21 May 2010, Accept’s video for "Teutonic Terror" was number 5 on the worldwide video charts in all genres, topping such artists as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Christina Aguilera. The video also topped the MySpace Global Metal Charts at number 1.

Rise of a Phoenix

Following their triumphant return Accept delivered their 13th Studio Album, Blind Rage, giving them their first Number One in the German Charts.

‘The Rise of Chaos’, ‘Symphonic Terror’ and ‘Too Mean to Die’ were met with similar heraldry, placing Accept as being one of the most sought after bands today with worldwide Sold Out Tours and a level of insurmountable success. 
With Mark Tornillo and Wolf Hoffmann firmly at the helm of this new and astonishing constellation of Accept, a new band line up was seamlessly formed with Uwe Lulis on guitar, Christopher Williams on drums, Martin Motnik on bass and Phil Shouse as third guitarist making
Accept one of the most leading, powerful and thrilling live acts around!

Chart Number 1

The release of their 17th studio album, HUMANOID, on 26th April 2024, has already been hailed by critics as “ Another towering musical entry, certain to rally fans from around the globe once again. An Album that targets the head, heart, guts and.....balls!”

New Album Humanoid