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Lead Guitar


Born December 10th

Wolf joined ACCEPT at the age of 16. From their humble beginnings as a garage band until the start of ACCEPT’s professional career, Wolf rapidly moved into a lead role — writing and performing — which he has maintained constantly for nearly 50 years with no end in sight! As lead guitarist Wolf remains the creative and musical powerhouse in the band and has been in charge of all the guitars in the studio since ‘ Restless and Wild’ in 1982.

His sound and distinguished style is the trademark of ACCEPT. For decades, Wolf has been highly respected in the world of Guitar Heroes influencing many well known bands and being a role model for generations of guitar masters and aspiring guitarists.

For more than four decades he has built strong relationships with his fans in all corners of the world, who help inspire his creativity.

Wolf has been touring with ACCEPT all over the globe since the early ‘80s. Their first worldwide breakthrough with “Balls to the Wall ” in 1984 set their famed path, as they still to this day, compete successfully with the best of the best.

A lover of classical music, Wolf has made several eminent Neo-Classical Solo Albums and continues to produce new music and projects with other high caliber musicians.