Rickshaw Theater – VANCOUVER B.C., CA 09/21/2012 (Review by Metal Titans)

Metal through and through is what you can expect from the one and only ACCEPT. Oh was I thrilled to see these guys for the first time. The floor was crammed with people, you couldn’t move, people pushing and shoving to get right up front for full access.

And their set was absolute perfection, so mind blowing. Songs that you could sing along with (always an added bonus). The energy, was unbelievable, never slowing down for a second, which also kept the crowd just pumped. With all those bodies on the floor it was one intense hot show, but no one complained, we were all there to observe one of the greatest bands perform. I am still in awe as I write this. And believe it or not, I was still able to stand up front at the bar, holding on for dear life mind you, but not willing to give my spot to anyone. They played a variety of songs, from old to new, and Mark Tornillo on vocals did an unparalleled job.

Wolf Hoffman, had everyone’s attention, his playing ability, his movements on stage, whether by himself, or with the other members, was phenomenal. But in all fairness, each and every member on stage, were exceptional, and very camera friendly. When they played the renowned song “Balls to the Wall” there was not a single person who was not singing along, we all knew the words, and the crowd went crazy for this song. ACCEPT has left a lasting impression on me. An amazing group of guys who obviously love what they do, and it shows when they are playing to a crowd. If you missed seeing these guys, you missed out on the best performance to date in Vancouver. Don’t make that mistake again, next time they come to town, be there, support ACCEPT, I know that’s where I am going to be. Hope they return soon. There truly are no words to really tell you how fantastic this set was. I didn’t do them justice at all, but damn, they kicked some major ass in Vancouver on Friday night.

Newport Music Hall – COLUMBUS, OH 09/14/2012 (Review by Bill Peters)

ACCEPT stormed the Newport Music Hall stage in Columbus for their only Ohio 2012 tour appearance with “Hung, Drawn and Quartered”, the opening track from their latest “Stalingrad” album. The band received a hero’s welcome from the fans, many of whom traveled hundreds of miles to see the German metal legends (including dozens from this writer’s hometown of Cleveland – a longtime ACCEPT stronghold). There was no need for flashy pyrotechnics or onstage gimmickry. Vocalist Mark Tornillo (ex-TT QUICK), who replaced the iconic Udo Dirkschneider, kept his between song banter to a minimum and owned the stage with confidence the entire evening like he had been fronting the band since its inception.  ACCEPT’s 75-minute, 15 song set was evenly balanced between old and new material.  It was much easier to balance the set on this tour with two Tornillo albums now under their belt. “Losers And Winners”, from the the best selling and most popular “Balls To The Wall” album, was a pleasant surprise.  The rest was the standard fare of classics, including the extended sing-a-long favorite “Princess Of The Dawn” (those ‘whoa’ parts still get me singing every time!). Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann was the undisputed star of the evening, entertaining the crowd with both his playing and commanding stage presence. When he ordered the crowd to clap – they clapped!  When he ordered the crowd to sing – they sang!  When he ordered them to stop – they stopped! Hoffmann is one of heavy metal’s most underrated guitar players.  His classically influenced leads, precise rhythms and on cue low range backing vocals are always a  highlight of any live ACCEPT show.  Even after all this time he still looks like he is having as much fun onstage as when he first formed the band some 30+ years ago. Judging from the crowd response, “Shadow Soliders” should be a set staple for years to come.   The song is Hoffmann’s personal favorite from the latest “Stalingrad” album and has the sound and feel of pre-”Restless And Wild”-era ACCEPT. It’s slower tempo provides a nice contrast and mixes in well with the heavier numbers.   With the set loaded with a healthy selection of some of the greatest songs written of all-time from the Udo years, it’s ironic pre-encore set closer “Teutonic Terror” from the band’s more recent “Blood Of The Nations” album generates the biggest and loudest fan response of the evening.  It’s a true testament to ACCEPT’s current songwriting abilities and fan’s acceptance (no pun intended) of vocalist Mark Tornillo to create a song that already ranks with the best of anything from their past catalog. The band hasn’t missed a beat in recent years and tonight’s show more than sends this message home loud and clear. Encores “Fast As A Shark” and “Balls To The Wall” leave the crowd in a frenzy, closing out a near perfect evening, sans a sorely missing Hoffmann guitar solo and a rarity or two for the diehards from the band’s extensive back catalog. ACCEPT are a tough act to follow. …

ACCEPT ready to conquer Central America

The Teutonic Power of the Accept heavy metal music soon will arrive on Central America! The metalheads from Costa Rica will have the opportunity to see live, the band playing and unleashing the same power and fury of the gigs that they are doing all around the world since the beginning of the career. A concert in Costa Rica was just added to the STALINGRAD World Tour 2012 and the band is extremely excited to play shows for their fans in this part of the world! The gig will be on NOVEMBER 17th – SAN JOSE – COSTA RICA – PEPPERS CLUB. Hello metalheads from Costa Rica, can’t wait to see you!

The Wolfsblut Notes: The birth of the Official ACCEPT Wine.

A true marriage of great wine meeting great metal. This project was actually talked about last year at the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip. How Rock ‘N Roll is that?When I met with the band I was bombarded with the places that they have traveled to. The different foods that they experienced and the beverages that comforted them on the road. We all decided that this wine project does not replace the concert t-shirt. This is a true wine experience and will not disappoint those whom love wine already. Accept never does anything short, especially if it is a product that is offered to the fans. So therefore, the fruit for Wolfsblut comes from the world famous, Napa Valley. The hillside vineyards for this wine are sustainably farmed. The barrel aging process is 100% French oak. Like I said, no short cuts.This is a wonderful food wine that would go well with any of any of your pasta dishes but feel free to challenge it with a thick, medium-rare steak. Most important of all this wine, with it’s layers of blueberry, cherry and vanilla can easily be enjoyed by itself. Pop the cork and be prepared to howl at the moon!J.N.K.Petite Fleur Winery, Napa Valley

Metropolis – MONTREAL, QC 09/10/2012 (Review by M.Lafon)

Back in ’84, I saw ACCEPT open for KISS at the Montreal Forum and I thought it was good. In 2011, I saw the band at Club Soda in Montreal and thought they were great, but it was nothing like last night’s show (Sept 10th 2012) at Le Metropolis (in Montreal). The band was simply fantastic. One of the better shows I’ve seen this year. ‘New’ vocalist Mark Tornillo has added a spark to the band and has re-energized the old catalogue. Songs like ‘Restless And Wild’, ‘Losers And Winners’ and ‘Metal Heart’ sound fresh and powerful with Mark’s growl and how is it when speaking of guitar gods – does Wolf Hoffman get overlooked? He was blazing last night. The band also featured songs from their latest two albums (2010’s ‘Blood Of The Nations’ and 2012’s ‘Stalingrad’). ‘Teutonic Terror’ is by far their greatest song ever and to hear it live is simply killer. The band also treated fans to newer tracks ‘Hung, Drawn and Quartered’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Bucket Full Of Hate’ and ‘Stalingrad’. It’s not often a band can change their lead singer and actually become a better band, but ACCEPT have done it and prove it without doubt at each live show. I’ll be coming back every time they’re in town. Oh, yeah – they also played their greatest hit ‘Balls To The Walls’ and yes, it had MORE BALLS with Tornillo singing! Thanks ACCEPT for another great show!