ACCEPT’s ‘Blind Rage’ Takes Top Honors in ‘Metal On Metal’ Listener Poll

ACCEPT’s ‘Blind Rage’ Takes Top Honors in ‘Metal On Metal’ Listener Poll


ACCEPT’s “Blind Rage” took the number one spot in WJCU’s “Metal On Metal” Top 25 year-end album countdown show, which aired on January 2.  GRAND MAGUS’ “Triumph And Power”, THE DAGGER’s “The Dagger”, MIDNIGHT’s “No Mercy For Mayhem”, OVERKILL’s “White Devil Armory”, RIOT V’s “Unleash The Fire” and JUDAS PRIEST’s “Redeemer Of Souls” were close runner-ups.

Cleveland metal fans have had a longtime love affair with the legendary German/American band.  This is the second time ACCEPT won top honors in the past four years.  Their “Blood Of The Nations” album, the band’s first with Mark Tornillo on vocals, finished first in 2010.  The follow-up “Stalingrad” finished second in 2012.

“Dear listeners of the fabulous Bill Peters radio show ‘Metal On Metal’, says ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffmann.  “Cleveland has been special to us since the 80’s and that would not have happened without Bill! We feel very honored you voted ‘Blind Rage’ the #1 album of the year.  In fact, we are floored!  We miss you and we hope to see you in autumn.  Thank you and let’s rock 2015 together!”

Hoffmann will be calling in to WJCU from his home in Nashville, Tennessee next Friday, January 9 at 6:30 p.m. EST to personally thank the fans of Cleveland for their support.

“My listeners have done it again!”, says “Metal On Metal” host Bill Peters. “They have assembled yet another amazing year-end chart.  It was a banner year for heavy metal releases.  We had 77 albums nominated.  That’s a lot of titles!  All six of my favorites placed in the Top 25, including five in the Top 10.  I personally owned 19 out of the 25 albums on the chart.  My listeners obviously have good taste (laughs).  I can’t remember a time when I had so many #1 favorites.  It would be impossible for me to pick just one.  2014 was a great year to be a heavy metal fan!”

“Another cool thing about this year’s chart was to see MIDNIGHT and SUNLESS SKY finish in our Top 10”, adds Peters.  “This was the first time in the 31-year history of our listener poll we had two Cleveland bands rank so high.  MIDNIGHT received the most votes for a Cleveland band ever!  They have a huge following in the underground.  We always keep our doors open for local bands to stop by the station to premiere new music and promote their shows.  They do not have this kind of opportunity on the commercial radio stations.  We are very proud of our Cleveland metal scene.   We have a lot of diverse talent here and our bands are highly respected around the world.  This is a great place to live if you love heavy metal!”

Peters’ radio show has garnished the attention of not only fans but musicians as well.  Wolf Hoffmann (ACCEPT), Bobby Blitz (OVERKILL), Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH), Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT), Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST), Ronnie James Dio (HEAVEN & HELL), Steve “Lips” Kudow (ANVIL) and Robb Reiner (ANVIL) have all have acknowledged past album victories by publicly thanking their fans from Cleveland.

Now entering its 33rd year, WJCU’s “Metal On Metal” can be heard every Friday night from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST on 88.7 FM in the Cleveland, Ohio area or streamed worldwide at

“Metal On Metal”‘s top albums of 2014:

01. ACCEPT – “Blind Rage” (Nuclear Blast)

02. GRAND MAGUS – “Triumph And Power” (Nuclear Blast)

03. THE DAGGER – “The Dagger” (Century Media)

04. MIDNIGHT – “No Mercy For Mayhem” (Hells Headbangers)

05. OVERKILL – “White Devil Armory” (Nuclear Blast)

06. RIOT V – “Unleash The Fire” (Steamhammer/SPV)

07. JUDAS PRIEST – “Redeemer Of Souls” (Columbia)

08. SUNLESS SKY – “Firebreather” (Pure Steel)

09. BEHEMOTH – “The Satanist” (Metal Blade)

10. THE SKULL – “For Those Which Are Asleep” (Tee Pee)

11. SANCTUARY – “The Year The Sun Died” (Century Media)

12. EXODUS – “Blood In, Blood Out” (Nuclear Blast)

13. ARCH ENEMY – “War Eternal” (Century Media)

14. BULLET – “Storm Of Blades” (Nuclear Blast)

15. ASTRAL DOORS – “Notes From The Shadows” (Metalville)

16. PRIMAL FEAR – “Delivering The Black” (Frontiers)

17. OBITUARY – “Inked In Blood” (Relapse)

18. JOHN GARCIA – “John Garcia” (Napalm)

19. GAMMA RAY – “Empire Of The Undead” (earMUSIC)

20. SABATON – “Heroes” (Nuclear Blast)

21. AXEL RUDI PELL – “Into The Storm” (Steamhammer/SPV)

22. ICED EARTH – “Plagues Of Babylon” (Century Media)

23. UNISONIC – “Light Of Dawn” (earMUSIC)

24. BODY COUNT – “Manslaughter” (Sumerian)

25. URIAH HEEP – “Outsider” (Frontiers)

Happy New Year and Thank You from ACCEPT!

Happy New Year and Thank You from ACCEPT!

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Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us… all our fans, our record label, our crew, promoters, festivals, venues, everyone who helped make 2014 such a successful year. 

Happy New Year! Look out because we promise that 2015 is going to see the BLIND RAGE WORLD TOUR continue to kick a** around the world! — ACCEPT

We Are Parting With Herman and Stefan as Friends!

We Are Parting With Herman and Stefan as Friends!



ACCEPT would like to thank Herman Frank & Stefan Schwarzmann for being with us  these last 4 +  years, for making themselves available whenever needed and for rocking their asses off! We and the fans all knew that they had their own careers and that eventually we would run into scheduling and other conflicts beyond our control. Herman and Stefan are now ready to take on the world, with their own band “PANZER”, a Nuclear Blast Record deal under their belts and a new album!

We are parting as friends and wish them nothing but success!

We ourselves are getting ready for 2015  – another year of heavy touring! We would like to say thanks again to our fans around the world for their huge support and for the fantastic year 2014!

The Blind Rage World Tour continues in 2015  – see below – stay tuned for more dates!



ACCEPT Announce Their First Dates for 2015, More to Come!

ACCEPT Announce Their First Dates for 2015, More to Come!

ACCEPT Blind Rage World Tour 2015 Tour Dates

ACCEPT Renew & Expand a Worldwide BOOKING DEAL with CONTINENTAL CONCERTS in Germany

Gerald Wilkes, longtime business partner of Gaby Hoffmann, is expanding his European Deal with ACCEPT and will be the worldwide Booking Agent as of January 1st 2015.

Gaby Hoffmann: “We have a very close relationship with Gerald and many successful tours, specially the BLIND RAGE World Tour in 2014, and growing logistic demands present a need for us to fasten the seat belts and go into the next round. We believe all touring business in one hand will make it more efficient for all of us and for all our partners around the world. The new tour schedule with even more countries, for instance AUSTRALIA, where ACCEPT opened a brand new market for themselves in 2014, started with sold out shows and needs special attention. Concerts in Asia, Africa, Middle East etc are on the menu and we need a strong partner with international connections to open more markets for us.”

Gerald Wilkes: “CONTINENTAL CONCERTS and I are really proud about expanding our successful relationship with ACCEPT! This is a big step for us and we believe that the band is stronger than ever and that there are still a lot of territories that ACCEPT will conquer in the future. I have been working with the band for so many years and it feels great to have such a close continuous relationship for such a long time.”