In the history of Heavy Metal not many bands can claim to be able to celebrate their breakthrough twice.  After a 15 year hiatus ACCEPT managed this with »Blood Of The Nations« in 2010, returning with a vengeance by charting all over the world and topping critics’s and fan polls in the process. In their home country ACCEPT charted at an incredible #4 in the sales charts making this the highest position in the band’s career at that time. They surprised fans and silenced doubters! ACCEPT are back – and started running! The first world tour left no questions unanswered: they are here to stay! Finishing with RECORD OF THE YEAR in various countries.

The successor »Stalingrad« in 2012 maintained the high level, followed by numerous nominations as “record of the year”, and a stunning tempo they continued to tour the globe and perform in front of huge crowds with  impressive  chart entries (#5 in Hungary, #6 in Germany, #8 in Finland, #16 in the UK Rock Charts, #17 in Switzerland and #22 in Norway, to name but a few) in their pockets.

In 2014 they released  »Blind Rage«, the latest installment in this amazing return, they wrote  history once more! The band’s creative streak has delivered a thunderstorm of riffs, only one Wolf Hoffmann is able to set aflame. Besides the “red ACCEPT-line”, as the band likes to call it, the only goal was to “remain interesting”. Another factor that has turned into an ACCEPT trademark, is the voice of singer Mark Tornillo. The New Jersey born musician has been the man behind the microphone since the ACCEPT return  took off in 2010. Within the course of the three albums, he has grown into his role as frontman of these “teutonic terrors”. Wolf Hoffmann, who likes to call himself a “naturally born perfectionist” and hard to please,  praises Mark Tornillo  and states that “his accomplishment is outstanding” and the fans love him!

While ACCEPT like to get newly inspired as far as the creative aspect is concerned, they did put the fine tuning of »Blind Rage« into the most capable hands of producer Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH). After the two previous records  »Blood Of The Nations« and »Stalingrad« the decision to work with Sneap again, was far more than a “never change a winning team” situation. “There is so much more behind this”, states Hoffmann. “It’s getting easier by the time, because the blueprints are getting clearer and you get to the point so much faster – meaning, the dynamics are already shown during the first recordings.”

What a year! 2014 – BLIND RAGE debuted as #1 – the first in ACCEPT’s career –  in the almighty German sales charts – as well as in Finland and Top 10 in other  international charts  – supported by 4 BLIND RAGE  TOURS  in all 4 corners OF THE GLOBE and  now in 2016 on their BLIND RAGE TOUR part 5! THEY PERFORMED IN FRONT OF A COUPLE HUNDREDS TO 3/4 OF A MILLION MUSIC LOVERS AT THE BIGGEST FESTIVALS OF OUR TIMES!

Built around the nucleus of band colleagues Wolf Hoffmann (guitars) and Peter Baltes (bass), with vocalist Mark Tornillo as well as  Uwe Lulis (guitars) and Christopher Williams  (drums), ACCEPT completed a global march of victory  and – they are working on the next Teutonic Storm …. stay tuned, where all this comes from is more

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  1. valdequite

    I was with my son in the concert of October 11 in Madrid, Spain. Your music joins different generations. Only I can say a thing: Ole, Ole, Ole.
    Blind rage is a fantastic CD that already I have bought. Please, return soon.

    • Since I was 17 years I listen Accept, now I’m 44 and they sound is better that never, simply BESTIAL!!!!, I can only to say: Very Thanx for to stay there. From Andalucía, Spain.

  2. Araya67

    The release of Balls to the Wall was at the same day the concert took place in Stockholm, a very busy day for me, buy the record ang go home to listen almost one time on it and then rush to Johanneshov isstadion for the concert.And what a gig…..Accept was awsome! I was 17 yo and this year I turn 50, and I still listen to this great band. And I hope to see U guys in concert this year. Rock will never die….It keeps you young in mind! Greetings from Stockholm!

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