Born: June 8th

Mark Tornillo Profile 2020

Speaking of trademark, Mark Tornillo’s voice, which is undoubtedly known, recognized and admired in the United States since the ‘80s, joined ACCEPT in 2009. Mark celebrated his 10th anniversary with the band in 2019 and is now a renowned singer worldwide. Looking back on quite a career in North America with his very first band T.T. Quick — New Jersey’s ace card in heavy metal — Mark and his band toured with the greatest of the greats, including  Metallica, Motörhead, Megadeth and many more.

As a longtime ACCEPT fan, Mark’s powerful voice fit the band ACCEPT like a glove and together they reached new heights on the sales charts with Top 10  positions for all of ACCEPT’s albums including their first #1 with Mark on vocals on the “Blind Rage” album. Performing for huge crowds around the globe, Mark loves to collaborate with other artists and has contributed vocals with guest appearances on albums by Overkill, Metal Allegiance and others. Mark’s voice is well loved by ACCEPT fans all over the world.