News Paper Articles from Hamar Arbeider Blad 27. Feb 1985.


This is the article that was made by the local News Paper in Hamar 27.Feb 1985
Me and my to friends who travel from Bergen in Norway to Hamar for the first ever Accept Consert , have more than 10 ours trip by train for the first Accept consert in Norway .
And the news paper made an interview with us , they say you guys are crazy travel so long just for Accept consert , we told the jornalist this is not only a rock consert this is ACCEPT Consert and we love this Band .
We are headbangers of tru HEAVY METAL !
And i still love the music of ACCEPT and allways will.
1982 to 2014. life style it is……

Media Data

Location: Hamar Kulturhus
Year: Before 2011
Credit: Privat