Accept at Gramercy Theater


On September 15 you Rocked the Gramercy Theater in NYC!!! Raven was the opening act which energized the theater with their unparallel theatrics of Mark and John Gallager on vocals and acoustics and the multi-talented Joe Hasselvander on the drum. Among great crowd pleases were their famous songs: “Hard Ride”, “On and On” and “Rock Until You Drop”. By the time you came on stage, the club was “Burning Alive” with the energy of Classic European Metal.
“Stampede”, from your new “Blind Rage” album, rocked the room with its brutal metal force, while “Stalingrad”, from your 2012 album, slammed with patriotic heroism and indestructible spirit in lyrics as well as a catchy Hymn-like beat that stayed with you long after the song has ended.
Always meaningful and honest to the core, the screaming poetry in “Shadow Soldiers” and “200 Years”, (from “Blind Rage”), is truly Unforgettable metal.
Your rendition of Beethoven’s :”Fur Elise”, from “Metal Heart”, was the most beautiful remastering of the classic done in Heavy Metal. We, the audience, sang along wordlessly to this amazing tune which became a hymn there and then.
Yes, the acoustics do talk, scream, argue, weep and howl when held by Wolf Hoffmen, Herman Frank, and Peter Baltes as you proved at this concert.
Mark Tornillo, your raspy voice is as Metal as it gets! Stefan Schwarzmann, your drums give a perfect background to Accept’s gothic, hunting musical depth…
We enjoyed your concert immensely! Gramercy Theater was a great venue thanks to the slanted (short-people friendly) floor, VIP sitting, Renaissance-like interior, clean air policy and a gallant Heavy Metal crowd made up of people who showed nothing but chivalry towards my short 12 year-old.
(Thank you, you know who you are! She felt protected and I, proud).
The only disappointment was that by the end of the concert you ran out of your merchandise! Next time please do stock up better.
Thank you for a wonderful concert. Meeting your fans before the show was a great gesture on your part. I sow you once before, I think 1986, in L’Amour, Brooklyn. You Are a great band and always will be.
Long Live Heavy Metal!!!

Media Data

Location: Gramercy Theater in Manhattan, NY
Year: 2014
Credit: Zena Poberezhsky