DORO and Wolf Hoffmann: Charity photo session for “Artists help”

Guido Karp has shot over 1000 band photos for album covers in his long career. From AC/DC to Phil Collins and Rammstein, all the great rockers have stood in front of Karp’s camera (at least) once.

Now the star photographer from Los Angeles is once again drawing attention to himself – or rather: on his great charity campaign! Under the motto “Artists help” Karp has been photographing rock stars and Nuclear Blast artists such as DORO Pesch and Wolf Hoffmann in the past weeks.

The signed portraits are now available in a limited edition (99 pieces each). 100% of the proceeds will go back to the respective artist, who will thus – due to the Corona ban on professions – support musicians, technicians, roadies etc. from his or her environment who have got into financial difficulties.

The exclusive photos and all other important information can be found here: