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What the ACCEPT fans are saying about the first shows of 2014!

Tom Jubb – Fantastic! Awesome! Epic! Glad to see heavy rock is still alive!

Jim Hauger – It was PERFECT… Their Heavy & Melodic RIFF HEAVY MONSTERS!!!!

Claudio Aguilera – Best Accept concert I’ve seen in my life. Both guitars sounding Amazing. Tornillo’s voice is Superb.

Mike McQuerter – It’s obvious you guys are not just going through the motions to earn a paycheck. The band sounds like a freight train crashing through a wall. The music is the tight and sounds dead on. I dare to say Accept is at a level it’s never been before and this is a good thing. Listening and watching Accept live really pumps you up and makes you feel alive. Well done guys.

Rolf Egil Bolle – Fucking classic:)

Mickey Nuttall – It was Refreshing to see fucking Real Musicians….

Vitor Rodrigues – Great show!!! Fantastic band!!! Starlight was fucking great! Old songs, new songs… simply perfect!!

Allan Cunliffe – ACCEPT were always, and are STILL the greatest !

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ACCEPT‘s Blind Rage Tour 2014:


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Responses to “Tour”

  1. Reaper Rick

    Met these guys a few years back in Pennsylvania at “The Silo” in reading. One word…AWESOME!! I have every album they made. Blind Rage has great Guitar Riffs and just an awesome sound. Accept is always true to their unique sound..blast it loud!!!

  2. Reaper Rick

    I want the Gramercy meet and greets !! I’m glad Accept and Blind Rage has stayed true to their form and kept playing great music!!! Awesome as usual!!

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