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  1. Reaper Rick

    Met these guys a few years back in Pennsylvania at “The Silo” in reading. One word…AWESOME!! I have every album they made. Blind Rage has great Guitar Riffs and just an awesome sound. Accept is always true to their unique sound..blast it loud!!!

  2. Reaper Rick

    I want the Gramercy meet and greets !! I’m glad Accept and Blind Rage has stayed true to their form and kept playing great music!!! Awesome as usual!!

    • strasser

      We don’t want to suck up to our past and rest on our laurels. We are opening a new chapter.”

      Thank G.O.D. somebody still gets it!!! Thanks for the ROCK
      PLS PLS PLS come back soon to California!!! Missed the shows!!!

  3. James P. Painkiller

    Hello, you are my 2.nd favourite band from all times as I was born in Ffm 🙂 Of course that’s why U R represented in my personal logo 😀

  4. MauricioSolari

    Hope to see you soon back in Santiago- Chile!! its imposible not to remember the past show and dvd in 2013…for far so long the best Show we have seen here in Chile!! please come back soon guys!!!!!

  5. Alexander

    Your fans from Ukraine are waiting for you too. Please come back again. I was at yor concerts two times and want more because it was realy amazing.

  6. Oct1978_Raptor

    We’re waiting for you in Brazil on April for kick some asses!

    I knew your music a time ago (since 1996), but I never see you alive before the Monsters of Rock 2015 in Sao Paulo on sunday april/26. Me and my friend went to the festival especially to see you.

    Was fuckin amazing!

  7. Tonefiend

    Please come back to the U.S.! I saw you in Solana Beach San Diego a while back and it was amazing! Please play again in SoCal sooner than later!

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