8/2/14 Woodstock Festival – Woodstock, Poland

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Responses to “8/2/14 Woodstock Festival – Woodstock, Poland”

  1. I think it was too less bass section. The kick was not perfectly audible. I was under the stage. The previous day our local band called Acid Drinkers had perfect PA. I think its an issue with Woodstock sound operators, not with the band. It was about the sound. But the show was absolutely amazing. Lots of fun. In my opinion Accept gave best gig during whole festival! Thank you!

  2. The show in Poland was amazing! Probably the best I’ve ever seen! I was under the stage and I had eye contact with you, I’m still excited! I felt you’ve been there for us (not only for money). And the set was great. You played all the songs I wanted to hear! In fact, since that day Accept is my favorite band. Mark! Your voice is perfect, it sounds even better live than on studio albums 😉 Thanx for all and please, come back to Poland soon! I wanna see you again!
    I salute you! 😀

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