Pre-order a Limited Edition Gatefold Red Vinyl of Wolf Hoffmann’s Headbangers Symphony

Pre-order a Limited Edition Gatefold Red Vinyl of Wolf Hoffmann’s Headbangers Symphony


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ACCEPT’s most influential lead guitarist, Wolf Hoffmann is set to release his second solo album, ‘Headbangers Symphony’ on July 1st. Pre-order a Limited Edition Gatefold Red Vinyl here:

Wolf Hoffmann Releases Headbangers Symphony July 1st

Wolf Hoffmann Releases Headbangers Symphony July 1st

Wolf Hoffmann Headbangers Symphony

ACCEPT’s Guitar Powerhouse WOLF HOFFMANNinspiration and role model for generations of new guitar players – his classical handwriting carved a different niche for ACCEPT since the early music labeling of something called HEAVY METAL – is getting ready to release his 2nd solo album entitled »Headbangers Symphony«, completely dedicated to the grand Classic Maestros, on July 1st, 2016 – of course – by Nuclear Blast, the strongest label for SYMPHONIC ROCK MUSIC.


ACCEPT are Empowered By Our Fans!

ACCEPT are Empowered By Our Fans! | Guille Salazar

The last show in South America, in Santiago de Chile can be called the GRAND FINISH of a fantastic tour  with shows in Argentina & Brazil. After a highly praised performance at the MONSTERS OF ROCK in 2015 ACCEPT came back with a fire in their belly… and a full 2 hour show.

Wolf: THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the packed houses where we marveled in joy:  YOU OUT SANG US – even after we had left the stage already… you did not want to stop… neither did we!   

We will come back and promise you a new album and a very DIFFERENT SHOW – something we have not done before! We feel empowered by our fans around the world – and will go back to write songs with great inspiration in our hearts! Stay tuned… the ACCEPT story goes on! 

The show reviews are stunning and it is obvious, ACCEPT did it again! In Santiago spring floods nearly  jeopardized the event – but, fans came running and ACCEPT delivered.

Powermetal and others gave them a raving feet back – translated like this:  Fearing the Theater would collapse, all jumping to the rhythm of the subject may define itself in this new stage – Accept a band –  simply… devastating. Teutonic Terror is pretty much one of the best modern classic songs , a true axing of German terror.

We left the theater with the feeling of having experienced something unique with emotions that feed the soul after a precise and demolishing show in sound, bright in the staging, rewarding in delivering live the best of a bygone era, but in the present, going further than ever as ACCEPT are Masters, Lords and Masters of Heavy Metal – just perfect.

ACCEPT Celebrate In Brazil!

ACCEPT Celebrate In Brazil!


ACCEPT CELEBRATE TODAY IN MANAUS, BRAZIL the 12th of April, the day one year ago, where it was made official that UWE & CHRISTOPHER will be the new GANG MEMBERS! ACCEPT have many reasons to celebrate, as BLIND RAGE rages over South America and the song writing is going great for a new album and a few new surprises are under their belt – what’s not to celebrate!

ACCEPT Was the Highlight at Full Metal Mountain

ACCEPT Was the Highlight at Full Metal Mountain


by Mangseth

Full Metal Mountain is a great idea! Imagine that you are skiing down the alps, you stop at a bierstube for a beer and there is a band there playing metal……

And at night you are among other metalheads in the main tent drinking beer and listening to your favorite bands. The atmosphere in Tropolach is just electric and everybody I spoke to said it had been an unforgettable week.

I spend two days there and the highlight was of course the ACCEPT concert Saturday night which also was the last show of the festival.

ACCEPT came on stage about 22.30 with the pounding “Stampede” and from there and on the audience was with them. From the new classic Stalingrad through some old classics like London Leatherboys and Restless & Wild they were impressive as always giving 110%. The cool thing about this show is that they played more “new” songs than old and that says a lot about the quality of the new songs for a band with that many classics from the eighties. The show had not a boring moment just a lot of highlights like Peter and Wolf’s “battle” and the solo on Fast As A Shark where Wolf and Uwe are brilliant. And Mark’s voice really fit the songs perfect.

After a short break Christopher fires up the audience to a last effort and when the encores comes with Metal Heart and Balls to The Wall the night is complete.

They thank the crowd as Bound To Fail fades out after a perfect end to a great week in the Austrian mountains.