Interview With Daniel Goldsworthy, BLIND RAGE Artist

Interview With Daniel Goldsworthy, BLIND RAGE Artist

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It’s very exciting, when we buy our favourite artist’s album. We just want to rip off the plastic wrapped around the box, and open it, then we will be lost in the images of cover artwork, booklet …. We maybe would be curious who created such great art or not, but they are invisible people. The fans and media would like to talk more about the bands, but it won’t change anything, if an album is great, it’s because of the work of everyone who was involved; producer, band members, managers and art designers.

My guest this time is one of those artists who are creating their magic in the background. Daniel Goldsworthy (A.K.A. Dan) is a multi-talented artist, he plays guitar, keyboards and also created several great artworks. His recent work was for the legendary ACCEPT ‘s upcoming “Blind Rage”, which probably will be the album of the year. Please take some time to read my interview with Dan below, it is worth it.

Hello Dan, How are you today?

Hi Mohsen, I’m very well thank you. I’ve just finished watching the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones which I’ve been pretty excited for, so I am in a particular good mood.

ACCEPT has recently revealed the title and artwork of their upcoming album. It was exciting news for many people and your name was mentioned as designer, would you tell me how did you feel about it?

I was delighted! ACCEPT are metal legends, so it’s something of an honour to be associated with a band that have released so many classic albums. They’re still writing great albums actually, so I can’t wait to hear ‘Blind Rage’.

I am curious to know the story of this co-operation, how ACCEPT or you found each other? By any coincidence was it Andy Sneap or Kev Bower who suggested ACCEPT to you or you to the band?

Well spotted! Yes, it was Andy Sneap that introduced me to the ACCEPT guys. It actually happened whilst he was recording their last album, ‘Stalingrad’ – they were desperate for some last minute CD outer packaging and tour t-shirt designs and Andy recommended me as we’d just finished working together on the first Hell album. I guess they were happy enough with my work last time round so asked me to help them out again.


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ACCEPT release their new album BLIND RAGE on July 18th! Visit for more information!


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Happy Birthday Peter Baltes

Happy Birthday Peter Baltes

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ACCEPT Release New Album BLIND RAGE on August 15th

ACCEPT Release New Album BLIND RAGE on August 15th

ACCEPT Blind Rage July 18th

Hardly any other band has influenced the Heavy Metal genre as much as German legends ACCEPT! Classics albums such as “Restless And Wild” (1982), “Balls To The Wall” (1983) and “Metal Heart” (1985), have inspired generations of new bands, and this has continued since their reunion in 2009. Both “Blood Of The Nations” (2010) and “Stalingrad” (2012) entered the charts globally ( #6 in Germany, #81 in the USA) and underline the premiere league status ACCEPT still have today.

Now ACCEPT announce the release of their new studio album: “Something happened to us, something subliminal and impetuous,” commented main composer Wolf Hoffmann. “It is wild and scary and it’s called “Blind Rage”!”


“Blind Rage”, just like its two predecessors has been produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap. On August 15, 2014 “Blind Rage” will be released in Europe, August 18th in the UK and France, August 19th in the United States. “The cover artwork done by Daniel Goldsworthy shows the beast coming over us – in blind rage – all over the planet. Wherever we go, whenever you turn on the TV – there is blind rage in the works – either natural catastrophes or man-made madness”, the axe man of ACCEPT states. I I