Roadie Crew #187 ACCEPT Special Issue with Wolf Hoffmann Interview

Roadie Crew #187 ACCEPT Special Issue with Wolf Hoffmann Interview


Issue #187 of ROADIE CREW Magazine is a special ACCEPT issue.

The August issue of the magazine Roadie Crew (# 187) features an interview with guitarist Wolf Hoffmann, who talks about the new album by Accept , “Blind Rage”. In his over thirty year career dedicated to Heavy Metal group experienced ups and downs, gone through periods inactive but now Mark Tornillo (vocals), Wolf Hoffmann and Herman Frank (guitar), Peter Baltes (bass), Stefan Schwarzmann (drums ) celebrate the good phase with the third album released after resuming activities. “I do not want to live what has been achieved and make half disks mouth, try to do better every record,” he says.

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Metalholic – Blind Rage is about as good as heavy metal gets in my eyes.

Metalholic – Blind Rage is about as good as heavy metal gets in my eyes.

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The year was 2009, when I woke up early in the morning, and the first thing that flashed in front of my eyes was news of Accept’s reunion. That’s right;“Let’s make the ‘Metal Heart’ beat again” were the words that made me realize that these guys are on fire even after so many decades, and I was definitely expecting chaos. Under new label management (Nuclear Blast), Accept exploded onto their new journey with all guns blazing. Armed to the teeth with new vocalist Mark Tornillo, a heavier musical tone, and a return to their older, darker themes, Acceptunleashed upon the unready mortal masses their twelfth studio album: Blood Of The Nations. It was one of the best heavy metal albums of the past decade, simply put.

After releasing their critically acclaimed follow-up album Stanlingrad, and after a highly successful world tour, they are back in action with a new album Blind Rage; the third with Tornillo behind the mic. Do they ever stop? Hell No!Blind Rage is yet another notch in these Germans’ bullet-belts, pulverizing to dust any lingering doubts that the loss of Udo Dirkschneider would doom the band. Surfacing after a great effort in Stalingrad, the pressure was on for Wolf Hoffman and team to deliver the goods, and they deliver it flawlessly. The true gem here is without a doubt the first track “Stampede”. It starts with a patented Accept riff, and then advances at an efficient speed until the chorus, which detonates in an anthemic fashion as Tornillo and gang memorably roar “Stampede! Trampled to the ground. Stampede! Flattened by the sound…” (more…)