Metropolis – MONTREAL, QC 09/10/2012 (Review by M.Lafon)

Back in ’84, I saw ACCEPT open for KISS at the Montreal Forum and I thought it was good. In 2011, I saw the band at Club Soda in Montreal and thought they were great, but it was nothing like last night’s show (Sept 10th 2012) at Le Metropolis (in Montreal). The band was simply fantastic. One of the better shows I’ve seen this year. ‘New’ vocalist Mark Tornillo has added a spark to the band and has re-energized the old catalogue. Songs like ‘Restless And Wild’, ‘Losers And Winners’ and ‘Metal Heart’ sound fresh and powerful with Mark’s growl and how is it when speaking of guitar gods – does Wolf Hoffman get overlooked? He was blazing last night. The band also featured songs from their latest two albums (2010’s ‘Blood Of The Nations’ and 2012’s ‘Stalingrad’). ‘Teutonic Terror’ is by far their greatest song ever and to hear it live is simply killer. The band also treated fans to newer tracks ‘Hung, Drawn and Quartered’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Bucket Full Of Hate’ and ‘Stalingrad’. It’s not often a band can change their lead singer and actually become a better band, but ACCEPT have done it and prove it without doubt at each live show. I’ll be coming back every time they’re in town. Oh, yeah – they also played their greatest hit ‘Balls To The Walls’ and yes, it had MORE BALLS with Tornillo singing! Thanks ACCEPT for another great show!

The Metal Observer Website Stalingrad album review

Germany’s most rejuvenated Metal act returns with a vengeance for their second album on one of the best comeback routes of all time. I’m sure anyone that even remotely associates themselves with Metal has listened to classics such as “Balls To The Wall” or “Fast As A Shark” but, let’s be serious, those tracks are from, what, 30 years ago? The ‘new’ ACCEPT, meaning the post-Udo albums, “Blood Of The Nations” and, now, “Stalingrad” show the band more scathing, seething and down right dirty than any of the ‘old’ ACCEPT albums. Click here to read the complete review…

Howard Theater – WASHINGTON, D.C. 09/05/2012 (Review by K.B.)

Accept took the stage at the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC., a venue that normally caters to R&B and Jazz artists. Well, Accept blew the roof off the place; but that’s just a normal thing at an Accept concert. Energy. Precision. Fan participation. Beyond the actual songs…they always add these extra elements when they perform live.

There is no such thing as a bad Accept show. Because they put 150% into their live performances and although their albums are top of the line, I’ll take seeing them live over listening to a CD anyday. Why? It is because they possess this magical presence onstage…like no other band I have ever seen in my life. It is just their stage presence, the way they interract together, the perfection of every note they play, and the extra solos they throw in, and most of all their interest in the fans watching them.
There is the constant audience participation. Accept constantly pays attention to the audience members who are close, shaking hands, taking a second to pose for photos and they just seem to thrive off of the energy of their adoring fans. They always egg them on to participate in their trademark ‘chants’; getting them to sing along, making them feel like part of the show. And you always do when you go see Accept.
Accept albums are great, but there is nothing like the live Accept experience. I know, because I have been going to their shows for near to 30 years now.

Wolf Hoffmann interview on The Metal Voice Show

This September 5, ACCEPT and KREATOR, will unleash their fury of german metal force! Wolf Hoffmann gave an interview to the Metal Voice show where he talks about the upcoming North American tour… Watch now on the Accept tv!!! He also opens up and gives some Stalingrad and Blood of the Nations insights! Check out now the entire interview, and check out all the tour dates for US & Canada, Europe and Japan!

Wolf Hoffmann on WVOX 1460 AM New York Radio

Legendary Accept guitarist, Wolf Hoffmann, gave an interview to Matt O’Shaughnessy from WVOX’s AM New York Radio Station. Click here to read the entire interview. He spoke about the North American Teutonic Terror Attack Tour, with Kreator, and about the new album Stalingrad, which once again features the famed producer Andy Sneap, etc. Read the interview and remember to check out all the dates for the North American and European Accept Tour 2012 on the Tour Link.