Night in KIEV

The picture shows the outdoor announcement of the ACCEPT gig in Kiev, Ukraine, one day before the highly anticipated show in UKRAINE, the last one in Europe of their very successful  STALINGRAD TOUR  2012  the band will finish their amazing successful run (packed houses everywhere) hitting COSTA RICA, SOUTH KOREA and JAPAN, taking their last bow for this year in OSAKA.

ACCEPT FANS! Check it out!

We are receiving many concert reviews and  mails from ACCEPT fans around the world. We love it and  decided to make them available for you! Click here and read, this will bring fans and us  even closer together. Looking through these reviews makes it undoubtedly clear that our fans have so many hidden talents and great stories to tell. Yet also please understand that we are unable to publish everything we receive. There is simply not enough time for us to do so. Let’s get started. 


Accept played their the first show in Sweden in Gothenburg tonight…An enthusiastic crowd at the sold out Tradgarn sang along to every song and made it an unforgettable night. Thank you Sweden! After the Show the band officially announced that they will appear at Sweden Rock Festival in 2013! 


Vilnius got ACCEPT “INFECTIOUS” FEVER…Fans are waiting for their beloved band and soon the wait is over…The band will be playing at the FORUM PALACE, Vilnius, Lithuania on November 10, 2012. Tickets for the concert are on sale now, check out  our TOUR link and get your tickets now! For more information and details about this 100% HEAVY METAL SHOW, keep following the news on our website, and see the TRAILER for the Vilnius, Lithuania show below…Lithuania Metalheads…Prepare yourselves, see YOU SOON!!!