Thoughts On 2012

Stalingrad, again appears as the fifth best album of 2012 list of METAL MAYHEM TOP LIST, and ACCEPT was mentioned as one of the greatest heavy metal bands in 2012.”2012 saw many super highlights concert-wise and in album releases as well…I was also pounding and raging to Accept’s second album featuring singer Mark Tornillo who, along with the rest of the band, did an exceptional job with STALINGRAD and once again proved why the teutonic terrors are in peak position!” Matt O’Shaughnessy….


A triumphant and very happy band came off stage after a sensational 2 hour show! JAPANESE FANS have greeted the band with great enthusiasm… Says Wolf: Man, that was a killer show – like in the old days….exactly like then. Fans have been singing every line with us! We just could not believe it! What a night! Thank you, Tokyo! 



The Teutonic Metal “Knights in Armor” are looking forward to close a great and highly anticipated run in 2012, promoting the international charted STALINGRAD CD with a one night stand in SEOUL’s ROLLING HALL, South Korea – their first and only one so far…just to fly to their show in TOKYO the next day. The band has a long standing history with JAPAN! And – TOKYO 11/25/2012, NAGOYA 11/26/2012 and OSAKA 11/27/2012 – will welcome ACCEPT with their open METAL HEARTS as they did for the entire career of the Band. Deep routed, indispensable friendships with their JAPANESE Fans have been a corner stone for the band…..To thank them and salut them – Mohsen Fayyazi designed this poster for ACCEPT’s stay in JAPAN as a good luck charm!


Wolf Hoffmann BEST GUITAR PLAYER Number 11

The Guitarist of ACCEPT, Wolf Hoffmann was in eleventh place in the voting for BEST GUITAR PLAYER, of the japanese magazine BURRN! 2011.


Glorious finish of ACCEPTs EUROPEAN STALINGRAD TOUR 2012! STEREO PLAZA IN KIEV, SOLD OUT! ACCEPT shows are known for their torching and fascinating and celebratory performances. But – no one could have foreseen that their very first Show in KIEV would be a pretty sensational SOLD OUT! Of the prestigious STEREO PLAZA! One of the most professional Agencies in Europe ANSHLAG CONCERT AGENCY took the gamble. Instead of starting cautiously in a small venue, they made a stand: Absolutely 100% well thought of and well organized Publicity Attack by the Agency made it happen! SOLD OUT! A night to remember with freaking fans and a band who gave it all. When ACCEPT and their Fans parted, they promised – we will come back: Thank you to all our fans and you can be proud to have ANSHLAG CONCERT AGENCY in KIEV who will bring great acts to KIEV!! We will see you again!