Photo by Marko Syrjala


Photo by Marko Syrjala

This is from the biggest daily newspaper in Finland:

Rough translation follows:


The German heavy metal work horses Scorpions and Accept are on paper from the same mould, but by Hartwall Arena appearance they are from different worlds.

Scorpions albums would compile a strong heavy rock set. Along with encore of hit ballad WoC, the band demonstrated generously their lighter side. Reggea-beatish ITAT was number three on the set list and soon thereafter the band played several songs long acoustical segment of pops and ballads.

When one adds the colorless new material and too long solos, the gig leaves a bland taste. The band offered the must-play hits and little more, but not a strong backboned rock concert.

Accept on the other hand fully used their short set to their advantage.

Their scale ranging from boogie rock to fast heavy metal played solidly and with a good edge.

Guitarist Wolf and company also have a pleasant dose of Pete Townshend and Wilko Johnson mannerism.

And best of all, the current material of the band is well worthy of playing.

ACCEPT AMBASSADORS FORUM is Launched on Official ACCEPT Website

ACCEPT AMBASSADORS FORUM is Launched on Official ACCEPT Website

ACCEPT Ambassadors

ACCEPT fans hail from all over the world.  We’ve become acquainted at shows and through various fan groups, forums, and the Metal Hearts Club app.  Now, the opportunity for the band and the fans to learn more in depth about each other is here…


Come and tell us about your respective countries.  Share your cultures, customs, and other things that matter to you.  This is a place for all of us to truly connect beyond the surface—to build bridges of knowledge, understanding, and friendship.

Please join us! Just click the FANS link in the navigation above.  http://www.acceptworldwide.com/accept-ambassadors/

Congratulations Matt O’Shaughnessy and WVOX’s Metal Mayhem

Congratulations Matt O’Shaughnessy and WVOX’s Metal Mayhem

WVOX Metal Mayhem

CONGRATULATIONS, MATT!  And a huge THANK YOU!  No doubt – your dedication is appreciated by so many!  We are proud and grateful for your support and it is people like you who are keeping bands “alive”! Keep on Rockin’ …. WOLF HOFFMANN

10 Highlights/Q&A with WVOX’s Matthew O’Shaughnessy and the legendary Metal Mayhem show in New York!
Tuesday 9-11pm, Friday 6-10pm Eastern on WVOX.com Worldwide and 1460 AM

1.Metal Mayhem founded in the early 1980’s by a then 14 year – old Matthew O’Shaughnessy

2. Goal and aim early on to feature the entire gamut of heavy metal….was and still is a big advocate of supporting independent, unsigned and local acts.

3. Was one of the first media men to get the exclusive news out on late Metallica’s Cliff Burton’s death by having live call ins from bands like Exodus, Slayer, and more on the show.

4. Over Metal Mayhem’s 31-year successful run, bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, KISS, Slayer, L.A.Guns, Dokken, Judas Priest, Accept, Metal Church, King Diamond, Great White, and many more have all been featured in prime time exclusive interviews.

5. The show has been spotlighted and featured in The New York Times, NY Post and NY Daily News.

6. A highlight of my broadcasting career:  Certainly interviewing the always eloquent and brilliant Metal God himself, Rob Halford will always remain clear in my mind. The Metal God is one of the most poignant and utterly intelligent people in the metal fraternity.

7. Metal Mayhem enjoys a worldwide fan-base from around the world on http://www.wvox.com/ and receives calls from literally all parts of the globe.

8. After 31 years, do I see Metal Mayhem going 31 more years – Hell yes! Heavy Metal is one of the most supported and loyal fanbases in all music forms.  We will do this as long as we can breathe!

9. What do you attribute Metal Mayhem’s span and great respect in the metal community to? For openers, Tony and I are firmly committed to this and always have been. It’s not a side or part time job for us, this is our life and our purpose. Also, I consider Metal Mayhem completely unique as the show features the entire gamut of hard rock and metal; from Aerosmith, KISS,UFO, Great White to Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Death Angel and many more.

10. Heavy Metal radio and on the worldwide web will always rage and Metal Mayhem will continue to lead the on-air charge!

ACCEPT’s Mark Tornillo – Top 25 Rock + Metal Replacement Singers

ACCEPT’s Mark Tornillo – Top 25 Rock + Metal Replacement Singers


Mark Tornillo

Replaced Udo Dirkschneider in Accept

Udo Dirkshneider was considered the only true singer for Accept, so when fans heard that the band would be reforming and writing new music without Udo, many had their doubts. Mark Tornillo’s gritty singing not only does justice to the classic Accept material, but he also does a stellar job on the pounding new albums the German band has contributed to its extensive catalog. The singer immediately won over the fans, which was a task considered nearly impossible.

Loudwire is looking for fan comments on this list of the Top 25 Rock + Metal Replacement Singers. Head over to the article on Loudwire and leave your comment… do you think Mark should have been #1? Let them know.



RIP Magazine – Restless and Wild is an Essential Heavy Metal Album

RIP Magazine – Restless and Wild is an Essential Heavy Metal Album

RIP Magazine

We believe that Restless and Wild is an essential heavy metal album, and any fan worth his salt should have it in their collection. RIP Magazine