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  1. JefftheChef

    Just finished 1st listen. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Another winner indeed. Really dig the mid tempo stuff like Dark Side of my Heart and Wanna Be Free. The whole disc really captures that heavy, warm, enveloping feeling that gets right to the gut. This is what makes Accept my favorite above all others.

  2. stone evil


    The bad thing from the album is the silence between the songs
    Great album ….

    ACCEPT rules

  3. AcceptHellas

    After having heard the whole album all I have to say is that I am relieved I realized that metal is still alive. This album will be written down as one of the best in the long history of heavy metal. I enjoyed the very first note of “Stampede” to the very last of “The Final Journey”. You guys keep the spirit alive!

  4. scream4accept

    When you released “BOTN” it was unbelieveble that so long-playing band can do something fresh and great like this. But after reunion here comes 3rd album and it’s maybe not so great as “BOTN” or “Stalingrad” but it’s also fantastic piece of heavy metal. For me the best song is “Dying Breed” but I also love “200 Years”, “Final Journey” and “Wanna Be Free”. I think we can talk about the best album of the year right now 😉 Great job. You’re my best band ever and when I met Mark last year on Masters Of Rock in Cech Republic he told me he’ll never let me down. Thanks for keepinf his word 🙂

  5. Seawinds Norway

    Blind Rage is a fantastic album with songs that will go into the metal history as classics. Epic melodies, great guitar solos and Mark proving that he is the voice of Accept.
    This is the album of the decade, hell it`s the album of the century!
    Seawinds Norway

  6. basspiker

    I was about 15 when I first heard Accept’s roaring metal with “restless and wild”, “balls to the walls”, and “fast as a shark”, shortly before “Death Row” came out (an album which blew me away by the way, and still does). About 20 years later, I am rediscovering these teenager awesome feelings !
    Thanks to the “Blind Rage” ads, it occured to me that Accept was reborn, and cannot wait, i immediately got my hands onto “Blood of the nations”, “Stalingrad”, and of course now, “Blind Rage”.
    Man, what a slap in my grown man’s face now… I am not going to get into babbling about what song is the best one now, they all are good, some are awesome, some give me goosebumps or tears in my eyes, I just want to put it out this way : “Blind Rage”, along with the above mentioned previous records, will make ya all earthling metalheads want to scream out loud to get all the shit out of yourselves, raise your fists for all what’s good in your souls, while putting a huge smile on your faces !
    I am just so glad I got my ticket for your live show in my hometown, see ya all in Strasbourg, and above all, thank you so much for, in 2014, putting out such moving metal music ! U guys fuck’n’ rule !

  7. See You in Hellsinki,Finland ! Guys can play any Song from Blind rage, everyone work Like hell. Or … whole Album.

  8. Taylor T. Carlson

    Blind Rage is Accept’s fourteenth studio album. It was released in America on August 19, 2014.

    Germany has no shortage of solid heavy metal bands, and over the decades, has unleashed many of them on the world. One of the most notable is Accept, a band that scored several hits in the 1980s, the most notable of which being the title track from their 1983 magnum opus, Balls to the Wall. Over the years there have been lineup changes and reunions on a fairly regular basis.

    The most notable change to the band was classic frontman Udo Dirkschneider being replaced by American vocalist Mark Tornillo, formerly of TT Quick. Blind Rage marks Tornillo’s third album with the band, and many fans of the more recent work the band has put out will argue that Tornillo has definitely left a lasting impression, staying true to the band’s classic sound while at the same time putting his own spin on things.

    Fans are likely curious about Blind Rage, and how the band sounds these days. Is Blind Rage another worthy effort from Accept, or one that just feels like it is going through the motions? Whether you are a long time fan of the band or a newbie to the world of Accept, you are likely to find a lot to love about Blind Rage. Tornillo’s third effort fronting this otherwise German band might just be the finest from this incarnation of the band to date.

    The album is one that stays hard and heavy from start to finish, with no dull moments to speak of. From the heaviness of Stampede, the opening cut, the record grabs your attention and does not let go. Track number two, Dying Breed, is my personal favorite on the record, featuring the band paying homage to the pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal. Dark Side of My Heart is a terrific rocker that, with a slicker sound, brings the Metal Heart days to mind. A track like Fall of the Empire serves as something of a mini epic, slowing things down but, at the same time, remains no less heavy. Things speed right up for Trail of Tears, a great fast-paced rocker.

    Of course, this record even has its share of thought provoking songs, which make it all the more relevant. Wanna Be Free deals with the hardships being faced in today’s world, and 200 Years looks at a post-apocalyptic world of sorts. The remainder of the tracks fluctuate between slower and faster, but once again, even the slow tracks are not soft or ballad-like! Things close out with Final Journey, which ends Blind Rage in fine form – there are a few moments on this closing track where Mark Tornillo pulls off a pretty convincing Udo Dirkschneider impersonation (not sure if this was deliberate or not!)

    Accept is a band that is still at the top of their game, and Blind Rage, the third release from the Tornillo-fronted incarnation, stands as what could be their best Tornillo-fronted record to date. If you are at all a fan of hard rock or heavy metal, you absolutely owe it to yourself to add Blind Rage to your collection.

    -Taylor T. Carlson, author of STEELcyclopedia – The Titans of Hard Rock

  9. HeavyMetalGems

    “‘Blind Rage’ reminds us why heavy metal is the greatest music in the world”

    With an uproarious musical legacy spanning over 35 years, it is impossible to speak about the history of heavy metal without mentioning the one and only Accept; one of the genre’s most respected and consistent bands. From “Restless and Wild” to “Balls to the Wall” to “Objection Overruled”, Accept’s most successful albums were all beautifully engrossed by the same elements that make up their unique playing style. Take the time to think of your favorite Accept tracks and analyse the similarities that arise from each of them. What makes Accept so praised by fans is their natural ability to delve into the “anthemic” world of heavy metal, so much so that their lyrics can’t help but to be chanted with immense pride and certainty. Although that very pride comes naturally with being a metalhead, Accept sure do know how to amplify our sentiments toward the one music that unites us all. And with the recent release of “Blind Rage”, the third album featuring the mighty Mark Tornillo on vocals, the band shows no signs of wearing down any time soon.

    From the thundering roar of the guitars to the compelling choruses, “Blind Rage” is an absolute delight for all heavy metal fanatics, as it successfully stays true to the classic Accept sound, all while making way for new and improved riff-laden melodies that have become a distinguishing aspect of their repertoire. “Trail of Tears” follows this exact formula by blending intricate guitar riffs with harmonious leads in order to complement the fierceness of Tornillo’s voice. It goes without question that Tornillo is the best thing to happen to Accept in a long time, as his incredible vocal range, as well as his all-out raspy singing style, allows the rest of the band members to have a lot more room to breathe in terms of songwriting and experimentation. After listening to “Blind Rage”, you can’t imagine anyone else to be fronting one of the biggest heavy metal bands in the world other than him, especially since the lyrics behind the music need an empowering voice to accentuate the message within them. A perfect example to support this is featured on “Dying Breed”, where the lyrical structure pays tribute to heavy metal music’s greatest bands (called the “the rocking warriors”) in an anthemic fashion. With song references like “screaming with a vengeance”, “denim and leather”, and “diamonds and rust”, it’s difficult not to admire Accept’s loyalty to the bands that shaped them into who they are today as heavy metal heroes. Not to mention they are still driven by the exact same undying passion that led to the creation of Accept in the first place, almost 40 years ago.

    Compared to the previous two Tornillo-led albums, “Blind Rage” is a much more refined record, as it exceeds the creative boundaries of “Blood of the Nations” and improves on the already-polished production quality on “Stalingrad”, making it one of Accept’s finest in over twenty years. Every track is filled with enough hooks and melodies to keep that head banging and that fist soaring for days on end. My personal favorite, “From the Ashes We Rise”, one of the album’s more melancholic and uplifting tracks, is continuously intensifying in a crescendo-like manner as Hoffmann and Frank’s guitars get louder and Tornillo’s vocals become all the more aggressive. That chorus is probably the most memorable moment on “Blind Rage” and it sure is a way to leave a lasting impression on a regular metalhead like myself.

    Accept have stayed true to their roots for 40 long years. 40 years of staying restless and wild, 40 years of pounding our balls to the wall, 40 years of spilling blood for the nation…40 years of relentless blind rage. Accept have continuously reminded us why heavy metal is the greatest music in the world.

    -Pete Theo of Heavy Metal Gems

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