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As we all know, ACCEPT are traveling the world and visited about 48 countries in 3 years, several times. They are known for their very close and personal connection to their fans. And yet – due to their busy schedules, they are not able to really get to know what they are longing to know about the countries they visit. ACCEPT feel so connected to other cultures and people, always distinguished themselves as world citizens and live and think without borders, always have, always will.

Therefore, ACCEPT nominated one AMBASSADOR for each country, who is the representative of his/her country to us and our Representative in his/her country. His/her duty is to be a role model as well as give us information about their country, the culture and anything that is of importance to them. The AMBASSADOR should invite as many friends and fans to contribute and share their world with all of us. Welcome to this exciting adventure…

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USA Teresa
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Post Hello World!
on: January 2, 2014, 01:08

Hello, Everyone!
To begin, I wish to tell you what a great honor and privilege it is to be a part of this wonderful project. I have a keen curiosity for countless things, geography among them. The words and the ways of people from other lands has long been a fascination of mine. Prior to the internet, though, I hadn’t much opportunity to learn about people outside of my own country unless I read about them in books. I visited Europe briefly as a teenager and I hope that my love for travel will someday enable me to see the rest of the world. There’s so much out there yet to see and to experience, even in my homeland.
The USA has been referred to as a “melting pot” because our country continues to welcome people from all different countries, religions, customs, and cultures. We in my family affectionately refer to ourselves as “Heinz 57s”, because we are probably a little of everything (and a great many in this country could say the same of themselves!) but my ancestry is predominantly Scotch-Irish, Welsh, and Cherokee, with a little German, English, Shawnee and Navajo too. Now that nickname makes sense, doesn't it?
I live in the area of the USA called the Midwest, the north central region of the country, also called the Heartland of America. Most of this region is farmland, and life goes at an easier pace than in the big cities on either coast. But don't let that fool you. There's a pretty good mix of everything around here in regard to industry, recreation, music, and lifestyle. Many of the cities within the Midwest are within a few hours' drive from each other, making it easy to take a day trip or a weekend getaway for something a little different from home.
The greatest passion of my soul is music. I like most all genres—everything from Classical to Metal to Zydeco. I play a number of instruments, predominantly guitar, and just enjoy making music and having fun with it. I also greatly enjoy writing and really, anything in the creative spectrum, as it fuels my spirit. All forms of art are highly encouraged in my household, and I've three daughters who are all too happy to contribute—just not so much to the cleaning up of it!
I like that the world has opened up to everyone with the internet and social media, because otherwise, I might never get around to meeting anybody! I've always got a lot of projects going, and I am an introvert who thrives on quiet time and solitude because that's when I get things done. This is nearly unattainable with children around, but I find I learn at least as much from them as they do from me. They give me even more reason to strive to better myself and the world in which they are growing up.
Becoming a parent has deepened my compassion and understanding for others, and encouraging them has always been one of my greatest joys. I believe each of us is born with gifts, talents, and a special purpose. Usually the only things missing in the equation are courage and belief in one's self, too. I like to hear you talk about your hopes and dreams, because I believe in them, too, and I will be the one to tell you to Go For It!
I look forward to getting to know all of you—and about what Life is where you live, and what all of it means to each of you.

~ Teresa

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