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As we all know, ACCEPT are traveling the world and visited about 48 countries in 3 years, several times. They are known for their very close and personal connection to their fans. And yet – due to their busy schedules, they are not able to really get to know what they are longing to know about the countries they visit. ACCEPT feel so connected to other cultures and people, always distinguished themselves as world citizens and live and think without borders, always have, always will.

Therefore, ACCEPT nominated one AMBASSADOR for each country, who is the representative of his/her country to us and our Representative in his/her country. His/her duty is to be a role model as well as give us information about their country, the culture and anything that is of importance to them. The AMBASSADOR should invite as many friends and fans to contribute and share their world with all of us. Welcome to this exciting adventure…

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Author Topic: From Paris with love ! Bienvenue !
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Post From Paris with love ! Bienvenue !
on: November 12, 2013, 17:24

Hello fellow Accept fans and worldwide ambassadors ! Here is Carole - but most of you also know me as Sistah -, Accept ambassador for France. I am the co-founder, and administrator of the Accept Street Team group on Facebook since September 2011. I live in north-east France, in a small 200-people village near the beautiful city of Nancy, heart of region of Lorraine– a great place to live for an Accept fan, since it is very close to German, Luxemburger, Swiss and Belgian borders.

I am the happy mother of Hugo, 6, and Lou – sounds familiar ? ;) , 8 months old, both raised with Accept music and part of the next generation of the Accept family.
And I’ve recently celebrated my 17th birthday. For the 15th time – metalheads are ageless. :P

I saw Accept for the first time in Pratteln Switzerland, January 2011 (the not-to-be-missed Restless & Wild show !!!) and literally and totally fell in love with the band and the whole great Accept family. Since then, I’ve attended 15 other shows (most of them in Germany, last one was 2013 BangYourHead festival) and met fantastic people from all over the world. Everytime a show is confirmed in my area - and it’s a wide area ! -, I am ready to jump on my car and follow the band as far as I can. Never got enough of seeing the band live, never will. And of course, I’m longing for the next time !!

Okay, I will stop now – I need to keep ideas for others topics. I am looking forward to reading you all and learning about your respective countries. And I am also looking forward to sharing with you about mine… I hope I can make it interesting - and not only by teaching you bad words.
So my friends, to all of you, welcome to this new adventure… et bienvenue en France.

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Post Re: From Paris with love ! Bienvenue !
on: November 16, 2013, 19:41

Welcome France and all Accept fans.

USA Teresa
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Post Re: From Paris with love ! Bienvenue !
on: November 22, 2013, 00:27

A big HELLO to you, Carole!

I visited France for a week back in 1984 on a trip with some friends. When we got settled in our hotel, I turned on the radio in the room and thought, "That sounds like the Scorpions..." It turned out to be the first time I'd heard "Still Loving You" and every time I hear it I still remember my trip there. Funny how the mind associates certain music with experiences.

It was so humbling and inspiring to see so many of the famous landmarks. Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur... I was unprepared for how cold and windy it was at the top of the Eiffel Tower, but wow, what a view of the Seine and the city at night! I got lost during one of the tours and unfortunately, most of the French language that I had learned in school two years prior mysteriously left my memory at that time. I could only recall a few phrases here and there. So I decided to make an adventure of it. I saw a lot of the city that the tours did not and met such wonderful, interesting people. My cousin and I, being teenagers at the time, wanted some familiar food on our last day. We stopped in at a restaurant and ordered lunch. A short time later the server brought our little pizzas out--and the one on my plate was shaped like a heart. The server pointed to his brother back in the kitchen. I turned to see a little burly fellow waving with a sheepish smile on his face. And this was my personal experience of Paris, la ville de l'amour! :) What fun it was. I hope to go back one day.

So much of what we are told or taught of France comes from history books or news stories. But I can't wait to learn more about France from your perspective. We share many of the same interests and similarities, so I will certainly appreciate all that you will share with us here.

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Post Re: From Paris with love ! Bienvenue !
on: December 11, 2013, 07:06

Hi Carole!
When reading your post it reminded me that next year it is 20 years since i was in france. I was an chef apprentice and was visiting a lot of restaurants and vineyards.
We started in Paris and drove to sancerre through the loire valley to cognac and finally to Bordeaux.
I had an amazing time and tasted lots of great wine and food and i still have some bottles of cognac and red wine from that trip.
I hope to visit France again soon and look forward to follow your ambassadorpage.


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