Easily one of the top releases of the summer and this year and definitely a record that every metal fan should have!

Easily one of the top releases of the summer and this year and definitely a record that every metal fan should have!


5 years ago, we heard Accept were reuniting with a new singer. Many of us, thought it was some kind of a joke. Others said that whatever they released, would not be good. Yeah, right! Accept not only released the amazing “Blood Of The Nations”, but they managed to create a new trademark sound for the band, with Mark Tornillo’s voice being recognizable from miles away.

They took advantage of the momentum from “Blood Of The Nations”, to create the equally good  “Stalingrad” and with that same momentum, constantly refuelled by their live shows, they bring us “Blind Rage”, a record which is whatever anyone should expect from Accept in 2014. Pressing the play and the first riffs come out.

“Stampede”, the first track that was released as a single, with an epic intro and a catchy riff and chorus that stick to you on the first listen. A real stampede. Next in line, is“Dying Breed”, a hymn to the real metallers and the heroes of our music, who are indeed becoming a dying breed. “They’re the last of a dying breed, and we salute you”. That’s a 2/2 epic songs so far.

And the spree goes on with “Dark Side Of My Heart”. Here, Mark Tornillo lowers his voice (no worries, he raises them again) and gives an amazing performance. There is a great solo, courtesy of Wolf Hoffman, while later on, comes “Fall Of The Empire” and the speed drops. Treading in more melodic paths, it ranks itself in the very strong moments of the band in their Tornillo era and in their shows is probably going to be a dynamite.

Throttle’s going up again with “Trail Of Tears”. Epic solo, and a classic Tornillo performance. Social message aboyt freedom put in an amazing song = “Wanna Be Free” Lyrics that come out from the reality that many of us fail to see. What if we could change the world as Tornillo describes it? In any way, it’s a really beautiful song, that sticks to you and you start singing along on the first listen.

Next “200 years” blasts out in the speakers. Dystopia, post-apocalypse, extinction of humanity is what this song is all about. Accept release one bomb after the other and there will be a lot of moshing if this enters their concert setlist. “Bloodbath Mastermind”has the evilest intro and later on turns into an example of pure heavy metal. Here comes “From The Ashes We Rise”, one of my favourites, with the standout point being the chorus. Melodic, beautiful and catchy. And the lyrics are a declaration of our intent for survival.

“The Curse”. A pure power-ballad that flows really beautifully with the previous track. If I said Mark was great in the previous tracks, this is where he gives his best performance. And the record closes with “Final Journey”, a classic Accept track that closes the record the way it started. Straight forward and excellently.

So, here we go. 5 years, 3 records and Mark Tornillo seems to have been integrated in the band for good and his voice has found its way around into the band’s sound. All in all, “Blind Rage” is more mature and solid than its predecessors. Easily one of the top releases of the summer and this year and definitely a record that every metal fan should have!

Rating: 95/100

Thank you Rock Overdose!

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