Dangerdog Music Reviews: Blind Rage is pretty fandamntastic 4.5 out of 5.

Dangerdog Music Reviews: Blind Rage is pretty fandamntastic 4.5 out of 5.

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Justifiably you can put Accept in the same sentence with ‘legendary heavy metal band.’ Rising at the same time as peers Judas Priest and Iron Maiden in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Accept put a German face to this new and soon to be classic heavy metal sound. Since their more stable reunion in 2009, Accept has been on a steady and significant resurrection writing some of their best music, getting high praise for it, and earning legions of new fans.

Blind Rage continues the anticipation and excitement that began with Blood of Nations and continued through Stalingrad. This is classic melodic heavy/power metal at its best. Groove, melody, instrumental and vocal harmony, rippin’ guitar solos, catchy refrains, and all wrapped in sufficient heaviness without being harsh or crushing (unlike most modern metal). These are all the reasons I fell in love with heavy metal better than 40 years ago. Heavy metal, ‘true’ metal, never gets old and never will.

While a song or two didn’t quite catch on as quickly as the others, this is another strong album with really good metal songs. Thinking of the aforementioned characteristics, my metal ears lean more towards the songs with rock groove, melodic vocals and guitars, and catchy, hook-laden, arrangements. This comes with Dying Breed, Fall of the Empire, From the Ashes We Rise, and the awesome metal anthem Wanna Be Free (favorite song).

But there’s much to be said for traditional speed and intensity, Accept punching it up and getting your fist pumping. This comes with Stampede, the true speed monster Trial of Tears, Final Journey, and Bloodbath Mastermind. However, the latter two songs were the ones that didn’t resonate with me at the start (which doesn’t make them bad songs at all). Nearly a slow burner, but likely more a lesson in steady traditional heavy metal is The Curse. Is it a ballad or anthem, or bastard child of both? Some may find this an uncharacteristic addition for Accept in light of the rest of the album but, damn, there are some strong guitar solos. I’m certainly not ready to write it off. Finally, I recall saying about the last album that vocalist Mark Tornillo seemed to be spiraling downwards in his delivery. I guess the third time is a charm as he sounds strong and deliberate on this album, so you can basically forget that previous observation. All in all, Blind Rage is pretty fandamntastic: honest, well-crafted, keep it true, classic melodic heavy metal, and definitely worth your time. Quite recommended. Get it.


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