Bravewords, Rest assured, Accept deliver. No bull!

Bravewords, Rest assured, Accept deliver. No bull!


By Mark Gromen Wow! Why can’t all reformations/injections of new singers be so fruitful? The third album since Mark Tornillo joined Accept sees the band uncork the strongest collection of songs since Blood Of The Nations. That second-coming “debut” was bolstered by a “No They Couldn’t” pleasant surprise surrounding Tornillo’s successful replacement of mainstay Udo Dirkscheider. Here, Mark showcases more singing, not just screaming. Two records on, people know he can do the job, so there’s an even more focused examination on the music, not ancillary waves of nostalgia.  The eleven songs, while definitive Accept, are not a carbon copies: no throw-away, “I know what those old guys sound like” album. Increased attention will be directed towards the lyrics (and rightly so), offering a glimpse through seasoned eyes. This is not the myopic “Rock until you drop” vision of Twenty-somethings, shining a light on the dark underbelly with a socially conscious lyrical bent, be it historical (“Trail Of Tears”) or science fiction “200 Years”, relating two centuries after mankind’s downfall/eradication from Earth. There’s talk of human trafficking, drug addiction and at least a pair of references to nuclear destruction, to say nothing of “Bloodbath Mastermind”. The charging, snorting beast depicted on the cover is a fitting metaphor! What follows is not intended as a complete review, but rather the random thoughts generated from a single playback. The material warrants further investigation (can’t wait to hear it again and repeatedly thereafter). Rest assured, Accept deliver. No bull!


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