ACCEPT BLIND RAGE is Making Big Waves with Media Around the World

ACCEPT BLIND RAGE is Making Big Waves with Media Around the World

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The new ACCEPT Album Blind Rage is making big waves! Media all over the world have the same opinion….“Blind Rage“ is a musical diamond, the top candidate of metal album of the year, a milestone! Order your copy of Blind Rage.

Check the quotes.

“Metal-Anthems for all eternity”
ROCK HARD (GER), Holger Startmann

“BLIND RAGE – a musical diamond, made of the carbon ur-ACCEPT provided and sharpened by the compositional ingenuity of their resurrection – melodic force on the highest level.”
ROCK IT (GER), Hartl Gril

“BLIND RAGE – the name says it all: eleven times pure energy, eleven times powerful Riff-Metal – eleven times exactly what fans of ACCEPT want to hear.”
METAL HAMMER (GER), Matthias Mineur

“The best album with US-fronter Mark Tornillio – and an album that fulfils all hymns of praise to 100%: “An album that’s highly addictive!”, “The album of the year”, “A classic already!”, “A must-have for every True-Metal headbanger” How do they do that?”
ROCK IT! + PIRANHA (GER), Andreas Schoewe

“A timeless, classic master piece of Heavy Metal, that’ll last for many years. BLIND RAGE is a real candidate for ‘Metal-Album of the Year’.”
BREAKOUT (GER), Juergen Lugerth

“Next to the upcoming release from PRIEST the most wanted Metal-Opus of 2014, that not only delivers what was promised, but tries to beat its own standards set in the bands seconds spring – and it’s still going strong. Face to face with “Stalingrad” the Grand Masters of Teutonic-Steel deliver an even higher number of memorable refrains, without waiving any of their trademarks. I’d take any bet that we will hear a lot more of “Blind Rage” in the festival summers to come. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the next ‘200 years’.”
PLANET MUSIC (AT), Walter Scheurer

“The best guitar riffs unite the best vocal lines! It is already one of the best pure heavy metal albums of all time!”
ROADIE CREW (BRA), Claudio Vicentin

“After 35 years Accept still smash your balls to the wall.”
METALLIZED (DK), Stephen Rocky, 10 /10 points

“Third time is the charm! Accept fires on all cylinders with “Blind Rage”, the band’s most cohesive release in decades, and the stamp “most successful comeback in Metal” changes to “most reliable pioneers in Metal”. May Accept’s breed of Metal never die!”
SCREAM (NO), Frode Johnsrud

“Accept’s latest attack comes with red rage and rough, catchy riffs. Strong and balanced new album charges upon you like a bull.”
SUE (FIN), Jussi Lahtonen

“See the raging buffalo at the cover? Listen! Here it comes!”
METAL HAMMER (PL), Lukasz Wewior

“This is how Heavy Metal should sound nowadays. Recommended to all fans of metal!”

“Exceptional guitar playing, amazing vocals, pure musical talent ! »Blind Rage« recaptures the glory of the band! »

The third album since Mark Tornillo joined Accept sees the band uncork the strongest collection of songs since Blood Of The Nations.
BW&BK (CAN), Mark Gromen

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